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When you use Call In A Stump Man for stump removal our specialists will assist you with keeping your property clear of issues and possible mishaps caused by your tree stumps. At, Call In A Stump Man, we offer FREE ESTIMATES for our stump grinding and removal services for both residential and commercial properties.

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Although a stump can be quite noticeable in the midst of your thriving yard, if cut low to the ground and/or if it has protruding roots, someone could easily overlook.


Because stumps Om easily harbor mold and rot, destructive and unwelcomed guests, such as termites, can take up residence. Once termites have infiltrated your yard, it is only a matter of time before they spread to other trees and even worse to the very core of your Naples, Florida home. Call A+ Tree Service for a professional and quality stump grinding which will combat infestation.


Although a stump has been chopped off from reaching its intended glory, it still has roots which are capable of sapping resources. This is why you often will see stumps with small sprigs growing off of them. Even though these sprigs will never make it, the roots are taking resources from the soil to make these unhealthy sprouts. Do not let the stump continue to deplete your soil of nutrients which could be feeding your healthy plants.


In the midst of your well-manicured lawn and carefully placed shrubbery and flowers, a stump is an eyesore which draws the attention away from all you have created. Removing the stump will allow the rest of your yard to be fully appreciated.
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Stump Diameter

what it costs to remove a stump?

We are asked “what it costs to remove a stump” a lot. This is something we have to determine by the overall width of the tree stump area or the width of the over all stump and the number of noticeable surface roots, assuming any, the client might want to have eliminated. Likewise, the type of tree can influence the cost.

You can get a idea by deciding the width of the area you want taken down to the ground level by following the guide here.

Stump Diameter

1. Measure the distance across (width) of the stump at ground level. By chance that there are apparent surface roots, be sure to exclude the length of these roots in this estimation.

2. Roots – if there are noticeable surface roots there will be an extra charge to remove them relying upon the number of roots and how long they reach out from the stump.

3. In the event that the stump has raised up out of the ground, stretch out the measurement to include the raised level to the area as to where you want it flattened.

4. Rocks or other materials around the stump may add to the expense.

5. Any removal of shavings is charged at an extra hourly rate.

6. In the event that the height of the stump is more than 10 inches in height, this may add to the expense of the stump removal.


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